Sun Sea Sand Properties


We treat your property as if it were our own, ensuring its safety through various measures. This includes comprehensive guest screening, 1-6 day stays, and top-notch security systems (cameras, remotely accessible smart locks, and 24/7 monitoring).

We collect damage deposits from every guest and we do regular maintenance inspections to guarantee your home remains in impeccable condition, as it directly affects our guest reviews.

That depends. After you apply to partner with Sun Sea Sand Properties, we’ll conduct a full comprehensive analysis of your property. When we’re finished, we’ll deliver a report to you outlining what we expect your property will generate for you in income.

Like with any property, whether it’s your own, a long-term rental, or a short-term rental, an insurance policy should be taken out to protect your asset. Sun Sea Sand Properties has no ownership in the property, so the home owner is going to want to make sure their property is properly covered for short-term rentals.

Our goal is to ensure utmost simplicity and convenience for all our partners, which extends to the handling of taxes. At Sun Sea Sand Properties, we take charge of managing everything associated with your property, including the collection and remittance of applicable sales taxes and tourism levies on behalf of our partners. While you, as a homeowner, are responsible for reporting the  income from your property on your personal tax returns, we handle everything else, ensuring a hassle-free experience for you.

The cost varies depending on the specific circumstances. For those who have selected our Partnership Program, we extend an opportunity to have an interior designer assess your property and offer an estimate for transforming it into a luxurious destination. Generally, this cost ranges from $15,000 to $40,000, taking into account factors such as property size, location, layout, and market demographics. By making the investment, you entrust us with coordinating all necessary arrangements to enhance your property’s appeal and enable it to command premium rates.

That’s a great question! At our core, we firmly believe that preventing parties is the best way to protect your property. Before confirming any bookings, we meticulously screen each guest through a rigorous process. This includes verifying their profile with government-issued IDs, asking specific questions related to the purpose of their trip and the number of guests, and ensuring they have read and understood our house rules along with the associated consequences. Additionally, we collect a damage deposit to further incentivize responsible behavior.

Typically, we have observed that people tend to exhibit more responsible behavior when they are aware that their deposit is at stake in case of any damages. To augment these measures, we will have exterior cameras installed at the entry points of your home, which are diligently monitored by our team around the clock. In the unlikely event that additional guests arrive at the property beyond what was specified in the reservation, we have a private security company under contract that can intervene promptly to prevent any party from even starting.

While it is important to note that such incidents are rare, we have established comprehensive protocols to handle them effectively and ensure the utmost protection for your home.

Regrettably, instances of short-term rental bans have occurred in certain cities, although we are fortunate that the markets where we currently operate have not been affected. We completely understand your concerns, which is why we strongly encourage all prospective partners to thoroughly review any Homeowners Association or Condo Board Regulations before proceeding with any short-term rental agreements. Fortunately, the markets in which Sun Sea Sand Properties operates have embraced the concept of short-term rentals. 

When it comes to government regulations, the process of implementing a ban on short-term rentals in private properties is rare and typically involves a lengthy procedure. In most cases, there is ample notice provided before such legislation is put into effect. Rest assured, we maintain consistent communication with our partners to promptly relay any relevant information that may impact the market. However, it’s important to note that we cannot operate in locations where short-term rentals are deemed illegal. If such a ban were to occur, our Partnership Agreement would become null and void, as specified within the Agreement itself.

While we usually maintain a consistent occupancy rate of 80-90% throughout the year, regardless of seasonality, it’s important to remember that past performance does not guarantee future results. When you opt for our Partnership Program, we engage in a thorough onboarding process to establish a clear understanding of the monthly income required to cover your costs as our baseline target. Our aim is always to surpass this benchmark, although we cannot provide an absolute guarantee of performance.

However, it is worth noting that our track record demonstrates that our partners have typically generated monthly income ranging from 25% to 100% more compared to renting their properties on a long-term basis. While we cannot guarantee these results outright, our intention is to consistently exceed expectations and maximize your property’s earning potential.