Sun Sea Sand Properties


Who is Sun Sea Sand?

We are a family run business and have lived in the great Pacific Northwest for over 50 years. We are enthusiastic participants in many of the beautiful areas and activities this region has to offer – from snowmobiling, boating, hiking, beaches to world class shopping, museums, sports and art galleries. We have a passion for exemplary customer service learned from years of dealing with the public in the hospitality industry and are solidly committed to doing everything possible for a win-win experience.

We have had the privilege of staying at short term rentals all around the US and Asia and have identified this as an area we can apply this passion to and help frustrated landlord and real estate investor friends to be successful. We will work diligently to provide you with unparalleled value possible in your property by leveraging the short term rental industry. Partnering with you and your real estate investment goals will remove the headaches you are undoubtedly experiencing with late or no rent payments, expensive renovations or repairs, or the time it can take to remove unwanted tenants. We understand that people who don’t own investment real estate don’t understand the headaches, challenges, set back and disappointments that come with being a landlord. 

We partner and work with landlords that have vacant rental properties and offer short term rental management services without taking a fee. We keep your property in “show home” condition at all times and will make your investment truly passive with dollars going into your bank account every month. Our interests are directly in line with yours and Sun Sea Sand Properties could be the last tenant you ever have!